Welcome 2 the Jungle!

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I had been dying to work in my 8th grade “Welcome to the Jungle” theme back in my life for years. By the time my middle daughter starting walking, then climbing on everything during every waking minute , I knew I found my Guns and Roses kid.

I printed this monkey picture (a prior Halloween costume) on a little sticker with info for the party, and put it inside the paper peelable bananas below for the invitation.

We made the 12 hour summer drive to our hometown to visit with everyone…at the 2 year old’s birthday party. Welcome to the Jungle! We’ve got fun and games!

It was a lot of people. My plan of attack for birthday parties with a lot of people (besides Mommy’s “special juice box”) is to revert to “centers” or “stations”. Friends and their kids can wander around. I spend my time organizing up front, and during the party I play.

The tent was a huge hit. Build a tent. Kids will flock to it. Parents can form a semi circle out of ear shot and reminisce about old times. Everyone is safe and happy. I loved spending time with my high school girlfriends and some of my Okie Mama Friends who drove in and watching all our little mini mes play together.

These inflatable jungle animals were WAY cooler than any balloons I could have bought. We used them for months. Outside. Inside. In the bathtub. Good purchase. I also used a brown roll of packing paper and some green butcher paper to add some jungle flavor along the columns of suburbia.

But don’t blow them up yourself. That’s what family and friends is for. There always asking to help. Well, here you go. And while you do this, I will take a picture and show the world.


And, don’t forget to take pictures of people taking pictures at the party. I love those. Remember “back in the day” when you has to actually hold the camera to your face and then you’d have to drive your camera to a place and wait at least an HOUR before you could see them?

We had fun with the food, and my mom busted out these perfect place mats. They might have been from the 1970’s.

I love making cakes and sticking a bunch of stuff in and around it to make it look great. My heartbreak of this party was that I forgot the jungle sucker thingys that I wanted to stick in the cupcakes. Shame on me. Everyone complained about it. Everyone said I was a bad mom. Kidding. I didn’t tell anyone but my husband, but he refused to drive 12 hours back to Ohio to get them. Jerk.

This party was before I had really established our newfound birthday philosophy. We did spend several weeks before and after the party playing all things jungle. Reading jungle books. Dramatic Jungle Play. Watching Jungle book. Listening to Welcome to the Jungle on repeat. Making the kids watch jungle animal attacks. Kidding.

What Jungling have you done at your homes?

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  1. Great memories!!!!!

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