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Family Game Night or Morning or Mid Afternoon…no matter when you play together, it’s one of the best things you can do with your kids…and other adults when the kids go to bed;) Here’s one of our new and top played games in our game hutch.

I had never heard of multi- award winning Dixit or its expansion pack.  I am so thankful for parent-mom-teacher-blogs out there to fill my head with ideas when I am burnt out or sleep deprived. I found Dix It on this post from Education Diva’s blog, who I keep in my favorites folder. I can’t wait to try more of the games she suggests. 

I’ll walk you through the game, which my 5 year old enjoys, but needs help with. Sometimes my husband and I will wink and take turns playing our vote to my son’s advantage. My daughters have caught on to this “keep little brother engaged in the game” trick too. It says for ages 8+, but my 6 & 7 year old are able to play independently. It’s for 3-6 players, with more being more fun.

So, here’s the board, which is a piece of art. So are the cards. It is refreshing to have wooden bunny pieces, not plastic. You could use this game board as a base for your kids to create their own games. You could add dice and use this board as a basic “roll and go” way to have your preschooler count to 30. And, save that piece of card board the voting cards punch out of for a great stencil. Many of the cards themselves can be used for younger children to just describe or tell/write stories about.

Everyone gets 6 cards, which they show no one! The “storyteller” looks through his/her cards and picks a word, phrase, sentence, quote, movie title, line from a poem, even sings a song or makes a noise about 1 of his/her cards. The other players finds the card in their hand that matches the storyteller’s words best. They each hand their card to the storyteller who displays all of them out in front of everyone.

We use the spare set of voting number cards to label the cards so there is no confusion which card everyone is voting for. Here are the cards from the storyteller and 3 players that best fit the storyteller’s choice of words: “This may take awhile.” (I’ll tell you the storyteller’s card in a second.)

Everyone casts their vote for which card they think is the storyteller’s. With 4 players, you have 3 to choose from (because you can’t vote for yourself). My kids like to secretly hand their vote to the storyteller and let them make a grand announcement. Oh the drama. The storyteller’s card above was the candle burning. Did you think it was person walking? That’s what I voted for.

Here’s the key to the awesomeness of this game…Scoring: If everyone or no one guesses the storyteller’s card, the storyteller does NOT receive any points! Genius! As the storyteller, you have to really choose your words wisely. You want at least a vote, but not everyone, so you can’t be too specific, our most common mistakes as storytellers. If the storyteller gets at least 1 vote (but not all) he/she gets to move 3 spaces in the board, and so do the ones who voted correctly. Each player gets to also move 1 space per vote they received. SO, as the guesser, you want to try hard to get those votes!

Did that make enough sense or do I sound like Vizzini in The Princess Bride trying to trick Wesley from the poison? Best Movie Ever. A Classic.

Dixit. Another classic.

Happy Game Night…or Day…or Morning…


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  1. What FUN game! This game would be perfect for my family, although we will probably have to help our 2-days-shy-of 5 little guy with it. Love the suggestion – thanks! 🙂

    • Cindy, I was thinking about sticking a few Dixit cards in my purse once in awhile for car rides or waiting rooms, good practice for the 5 year olds! 😉 I posted another card on the Think Magnet Facebook page. They are made by an artist. There are a few that always stump me. I get storyteller’s block!

  2. Thank you for mentioning my post, and I am so glad you are enjoying the game. We just bought the extension pack of cards, and now have a whole new set of quirky pictures. Storyteller block? I know what that’s all about, but my kids have far less of that issue.
    I love the Princess Bride, by the way!!

    • Ruth, Thank YOU for introducing this game to us. We’ve had so much fun with it. I just saw the Expansion pack while writing the post. I’m thinking the Easter Bunny will leave that for us;) I agree, the kids never get storyteller block!


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