If You Give a Dog a Donut

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If you give a dog a donut,

it may be because you read your son this book 72 times and decided to turn it into a Book Club.

He’ll write down a few ideas during your Book Club brainstorm,

and when he gets tired of writing he’ll ask you to write for him. After you reread the list he’ll want to jump in your lap to look at dogs eating donuts on youtube.
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gk4Ct-R0_Pg?rel=0]

He’ll giggle at this and ask to watch it 12 times, but thankfully it’s only 8 seconds long. You’ll call it a day and ask him to go throw his dog the donut toy while you get caught up on email and facebook and twitter and pinterest.

A few days later, when he’s not tired of writing, make a parallel book like the If You Give a Dog a Donut book. Just a little typing leaving some blanks for his ideas, about 4 pieces of paper, overpriced ink, and 2 staples does the trick. Don’t forget to date it. It may take him days or weeks to actually illustrate it.

When he writes words to fill in the blanks to create his own version of the story, help him a little, but don’t stress him out. Just go with it. Use it as a way to observe something you can work on later…like writing the letter “k”. Writing again will bring up the story, donuts, and hunger pains.

He’ll ask you to eat donuts together. Might as well put that new Baby Cake Pop Maker to good use. I am a little hungry from all this teaching. Sure beats doing that other stuff I need to do. Serve the donuts with apple juice like the book.

While he’s eating the donuts and drinking apple juice, and sharing with siblings, they may want to read the book too before the sugar rush hits.

And, when this gorgeous donut comes out of the Baby Cakes Maker, don’t throw it away! Stop everyone from what they are doing and pass it around. See how many different things you can say it looks like. Jump on the teachable moment to use divergent thinking and give a kid a post-it note or dry erase board as an opportunity to write down this crazy list: Saturn, a rocket, sunshine, a flower, a bobber, a mountain, a fried egg, and a golf ball in mud. If they fight over who gets to eat it, divide it between them, and talk to them about fractions. Serves them right for fighting. High five your spouse for tying in fractions to wacky donuts and dogs and books about dogs eating donuts. Never feel guilty if you don’t do everything on the list or if it takes you 4 months to get it all complete or if you blog about it before you make that kite out of comics. Eat more donuts if this upsets you.

For a really funny (embarrassing) donut story click on this link! 

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  1. What a cute idea. I love that 1st pic of the dog and his/her donut (not sure if it’s a toy or not). But what a great way for kids to learn about putting together ideas and books. Awesome 🙂

    • Gracias Barbara! No hablo Espanol….but it’s one of my life goals. My kids get Spanish as one of their specials at school. I hope to learn along with them. I just subscribed to your blog! I look forward to learning from you!

      That’s our dog, Risby. When Dawson and I watched dog & donut videos on youtube, we kept seeing that donut toy. We knew Risby “needed” it. Sure enough, we found it at Petsmart! It’s one of his favorites…or maybe its one of our favorites!?


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