Pancake Art

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One morning I was feeling particularly delirious and tired after multiple night time wake ups from my 3, 2, 1 year olds. Can’t remember why or who, but I decided not to be grumpy about it. Sometimes that’s a hard decision. My lack of sleep increased my creativity that morning as I started pouring pancakes. When the mood hit, I’ve been one to make Mickey Mouse or smiley faces or holiday this or that.  This morning I took requests.

My oldest asked for a bird….the early bird gets the worm! Or in this case, a spaghetti noodle.

My middle daughter was in the middle of a squid obsession. It’s the only thing she would draw for over a year. We had just read a book the night before about how squids can squirt ink to defend themselves. Would this chocolate syrup squid ink defend me from a day of toddler nonsense?

In the middle of my therapeutic pancake art, my sweet, baby boy (aka really mad toddler) threw a colossal, flailing floor fit…kicking and screaming. I swear someone had equipped him with a microphone. This is the pancake I wanted to give him…..

But, just making and taking a picture of it allowed me to smile through it. This too shall pass. Here, enjoy your pancake sweet (screaming toddler) boy.

Here’s a few more I’ve done in the past…

And, to keep it real….

I burn pancakes all the time. I also serve them on paper plates. You don’t see burnt pancakes on paper plates online very often. I sure see them often at my house.

Or this beauty I turned too early. So, is there a Think Magnet Teachable Moment here? Yes there is. We reviewed TWO Manners lessons I call “Think it, Don’t Say it” and “Pick Off the Burnt Parts Quietly and Eat What You Can”.

This was Ava’s interpretation of that discussion. Good effort. We need to work on discretion.

I came across this AWESOME Pancake Dad last year who totally burst my pancake skills bubble, but  I love him. I can’t wait to get his book.

Happy Pancaking! And, when life (your toddler) give you lemons, make a really fun pancake.

PS. Don’t forget to stock up on some good pancake books!

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