Best Birthday Gift Ever

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Independence. I asked my children to collectively finally master the ability to cut their own food. My 7 year old was good to go. My 6 year old’s ability to cut depended completely on her mood. My 5 year old was on the verge of cutting victory, he just needed motivation. So, that’s what I asked for my birthday this year. “Kids, for my birthday I would like you to be able to cut your own food from that day forward”. They were excited! “That’s all you want?” They had no idea what them cutting their own food would do for John and I. A few more seconds to take care of ourselves. A few more seconds for my meal to stay warm. A few more seconds to get off my feet. A few more sips of hot tea while its hot.

I announced this about 3 weeks before the glorious day. And, they did it! The gift that keeps on giving! Is your birthday coming up? Be thinking what your children could give you!

Here’s to the little things that feel so big, Shelisa

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  1. I like this. Can I ask my daughter to be potty trained and dress herself for my birthday. She’ll be 22 months. Ha! 🙂

  2. Awesome idea..wish I had thought of that back in the day! Now I’m stockpiling your ideas for any future grandchildren I may have one day in the far far future.

  3. KC in VA says:

    So stealing this idea…love it.

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