Soul Surfer Mermaid

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Our puppy got ahold of my daughter’s beloved bathtub mermaid. She cried. She was mad. She asked me to just throw it away. Insert teachable moment.

We watched an interview on youtube about Bethany Hamilton, the surfer who lost her arm, healed, retrained, and kept on surfing.

We talked about how Bethany could have stayed heartbroken and mad, but she chose a positive attitude and relearned how to surf. She chose to share her traumatic story and her love for God. We think Bethany is beautiful on the inside and outside.

Then, for a little while, the kids played with one hand tied behind their backs. Jumping in the ball pit felt funny at first. Driving Mario Cart with one hand was difficult. Typing on the computer was a lot slower. We talked about all the things Bethany had to relearn to do with one arm.

“Wow, Mom. Bethany sure is strong!”

We ended our soul surfing with a prayer of appreciation. “Thank you Jesus for each day and all we have. We appreciate every detail. No matter what happens in life, help us keep a positive attitude like Bethany”.  Amen.

And, we decided to keep the mermaid.

A week later, we all watched A Dolphin Tale. What a great story! The Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where Winter lives, has a fun website, including a LIVE webcam to see Winter!  I’m seeing a Winter themed snow day in our future….stay tuned. Then we dove into some dolphin books and wrote Winter a very special card. Check it out. 

Here’s to the beauty in imperfection, Shelisa

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