The Little Piano Girl

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Maya chose a Music Theme for her 6th birthday! I wish I could say I was musical. I am not. Unless you count singing loudly and out of tune in the car or shower, if so, I’m a rock star. We amped up studying music for about 3 weeks by listening to different types of music and keeping our instruments tub front and center.

We read this book 372 times.

We read books with music or instruments in them. Maya read the Music Fairies Series. I dusted off impulsive CD buys like Fado from Portugal or Native American flutes near the rocks of Sedona, AZ. It was an honor to introduce the kids to Rave till Dawn and have a mosh pit in the kitchen at 8am. We watched High School Musicals, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and clips from other musicals and marching bands. We watched  the Drumline climax drum battle on youtube a few times, which by the way is a movie my husband has a supernatural gift for finding at any given time on tv.

Funny how when you shine a light on a theme, the kids just take it from there. They had parades, wrote songs, and created their own instruments. Her birthday fell while we were staying at her grandparents’ house and 2 cousins were in town too.  Thankfully, THEY are musical! Maya was able to carefully playing her grandma’s antique organ. My dad also played his banjo for them.

We kicked off the “party” time with some Backyardigans Karaoke and inflatable microphones so everyone could sing along!

Then, the girls (My niece and daughters) got dressed up for a special trip into the city to a children’s bookstore who was hosting the authors of “The Piano Girl”. Perfect timing!

Live piano music…

and meeting the authors, Ann Ingalls and Maryann McDonald. The Little Piano Girl is the story of Jazz Legend Mary Lou Williams.

For the cake, I had always wanted to try a cupcake pull-apart. This one hit the right note! 😉

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  1. What a phenomenal idea! You put so much effort into this, and I’m sure the kids were very appreciative. I have that Zin, zin, goes the Violin book and it’s so cute! There are some other great music books too, which gives me some inspiration for a post. I would definitely like to try this out with my kids, even just as a fun party.
    Great post!

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