Book Clubs

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Book Clubs started at my house with my oldest who was a very early reader. I wanted a special way to quench her passion for reading at home. Her Early Learning School (Shout out to Minds and Motion in Springboro, OH) were amazing at individualizing for their students. While some were learning letters and sight words, the teacher would also carve out a few minutes for Maya to read from Magic Tree House or The Boxcar Children…some of our first books from our “Book Club” at home. Or they would let Maya share a Book Club Project she had made at home. I cherished that home to school connection.

Keeping a “Book Club” mentality at home has helped me, in the chaos of life, to keep a book connection and individual time with each child they (and I) crave. I try (ha, TRY) to have a Book Club going with each child and allow them the freedom to explore ways to connect to their book be it Art, Music, Research, Movie, Connections to other books, dragging family & friends into it…etc.

My BFF and fellow teacher, Angie, thankfully also had a daughter about the same age who is a perfect reading match with mine. We team taught once, and found ourselves team teaching again through several states. Thank you technology! Her daughter and mine have enjoyed being some Long Distance Book Club projects…considering roping in a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or cousin!

Busy classrooms may not always have time to keep a home to school connection as easy. I get that. But I don’t know a teacher or library specialist who wouldn’t read and respond to an email from their student about a book they are reading at home or sending a picture of a project they made. Or, maybe a book your child really connected with at school can be expanded on at home.

We’ve also ventured in to a few family book clubs, although, I won’t lie to you, my hubby hasn’t always participated in the reading. He does make a great audience for retelling or project presentations;) ¬†I am hoping to do some book clubbing that involves maybe 2 of us reading a book and the other 3 reading a different book, but tying it together with activities or dinner talks.

President of the Book Club, Shelisa

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  1. LOVE IT!!! I do a book club with my kids too. It’s such a great bonding experience. I really like your reference to the “book club mentality.” After all, this is all about creating a life long love of reading and discussing literature.

    • Amen, Education Diva! I love reading about your book club ideas! I was so impressed with your To Kill a Mockingbird vs. The Help post. Applause for your crazy, awesome reader at home! I always love having a parent-teacher resource who has older kids so I can pick their brain.

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