Work Smarter Not Harder….or Other Ways to Use Loom Bands

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We try to teach our kids about recycling and conservation and being green (why I filed this under Science)…but really, I just hate doing dishes. I’d rather be doing 100 other things. 1000 other things. We got rid of using  a lot of plastic in our kitchen back in 2007-ish and found these cool stainless steel bar shakers that are REALLY loud when they are thrown on the hardwood floor 900 times by toddlers. But that’s temporary. I have 3 kids. I have 12 cups. Sometimes all 12 cups would be piled in my sink. Until….those stretchy loom thingys made their way into my kitchen one fine day and the rest is history.  3 cups a day. I made my kids stick to the same color for a few weeks because I forget and then more cups come out like Zombies and I throw tamales at them…if you play Plants vs Zombies that was mildly funny. If not, you should download it today and not do any dishes.

Dishwashing Smishwashing,  Shelisa

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