Thinking Outside the Puzzle Box

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There’s the obvious way to match up this puzzle. Well, almost obvious. My 3 year old son had no idea what a tea cup or saucer was or that a shirt and tie went together or what an anchor was…I blame his informal parents who do not go boating while drinking tea in dress clothes. Too bad there weren’t cards for Ben & Jerry’s Pints and plopping in front of the TV at 8:00;)

But here’s the deal…Think Magnet wants you to always look for teachable moments outside of the obvious. I would love for every child to know that there is not always one right answer to puzzles and stories and games and questions and well…life.

Dawson and I had fun sorting these pieces in a new way. In this picture we made stacks for transportation, things you wear, animals, tools, edible.

Follow the rules. But also, don’t follow the rules. Teach your kids to create their own. I dare say the little Google Boys or a toddling Steve Jobs would have sorted this puzzle yet a 2nd or 3rd or 4th way or made up a game with the pieces;)

Be puzzling with your puzzles, Shelisa

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