Good Night Wand

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With our first, our bedtime routine was rock solid. She was an awful sleeper and sensory sensitive, so we had to be on our A game with that kid until about 3 years old. She LOVED telling things Good Night (after hearing Good Night Moon 4000 times by 9 mths old).

Using wands or pointers in early childhood classrooms is classic. There’s something fun and motivating about pointing with a wand or a word whammer (fly swatter with a hole cut in the middle) or a pointer of sorts. And, little brains are just craving new vocabulary. I incorporated that knowledge into my daughter’s bedtime routine at nap and night time. She LOVED it! At first, before she was walking or even talking much I would hold her and say it while she held the wand. Soon she was repeating every word I said, and before long doing all the talking….then walking and talking. I can see her walking around with those fat toddler wrists and diaper butt waving her wand: “Good Night crib, Good Night flowers, Good Night horsey, Good Night Daddy, Good Night books….”


When my 2nd came along she was much more laid back about going to bed, or maybe I was? She used and liked the Good Night Wand in her room, but often it would show up in the playroom where it became a “Hello” Pointer or a “Good Morning Pointer” or a “Here Go Point at Stuff While Mommy Cooks Dinner Pointer”. “Hello A, B, C, D, E, F”

Oh…and the 3rd kid? He had to use his plain old, cheerio smelling finger. Poor baby.

Here’s to the magic of ¬†language acquisition. –Shelisa

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