Odyssey October

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I promise to always be honest with you. I’m a great starter, but not a good finisher. I’ve learned when it comes to teaching, it’s ok, because the kids should be the finishers!  A project you thought would fill a snow day could last for hours or could grow into several days.  A project you thought would take a month, may even take years….see example below.

In my quest to begin this blog (great starter, not a good finisher) I came across my first fan on accident. I call it a God Wink;) I didn’t realize I was “live” with only a few posts.  She left an encouraging comment and it was just what I needed! Plus, it took me to her valuable blog. She is knowledgeable, insightful, and I just love her topics. She is an educator who is passionate about school, and what we’re also doing at home. Save her to your favorites because you will find great ideas! This specific entry of hers sparked the start of a new house project, perfect for October.   http://educationdiva.com/?p=293

We’re calling it Odyssey October! The Odyssey is a classic that seems fitting to me for October with its interesting creatures and characters, plus I just love alliteration. We started with listening to the Mary Pope Osbourne Odyssey Series on CD for bedtime stories. I also grabbed the books so they could read ahead or follow along. Thank you library!

I’m pretty obsessed with clear 3 ring binders. Turns an idea into a cool project for a few bucks. We started an Odyssey Art Notebook. As they listen, sometimes someone will get inspired to draw. And by sometimes, I mean 3 times;)

Now, here’s the deal. It’s December. We didn’t have some perfect October start and stop.  My son had zero interest in drawing the pictures, but he did enjoy listening with his sisters, and some nights he passed on it. The girls filled him in and shared their, ahem, 3 pictures with him.

I meant to find some Odyssey animated videos, and didn’t. I meant to read them aloud some pages of the original, and didn’t. I meant to think more about what in the world to do with the Odyssey, and didn’t. BUT, the kids had fun. They just asked to listen to it for bedtime stories last night and added in a picture. And, my oldest is now reading the Percy Jackson books with a keen interest in the Greek Gods.  Odyssey October may be slow to start, and I should probably drop the October part, but am confident it will be something that grows along with the kids.

May your Odyssey adventures will be way more epic than ours. –Shelisa


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  1. knightsofheaven1 / This game is a blast, and I personally think that it’s one of the beettr-looking games in the PSP library. Still, the lack of friends to play with is annoying, but other than that, this game is fun once you get used to the controls. It took me a few days to get the hang of the control scheme, but once you do, then it’s a piece of cake. As for the camera, I am at least thankful that such a game HAS a camera, unlike most PSP games. All you use to control it is your left index finger.

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