Sweet Spelling

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Once upon a time there were two beautiful witches who returned from a night of Trick or Treating with 3lbs of candy a piece, not including a little Mario who had nearly 4lbs! While the older witch had a magical love for spelling, the other had a magical love for candy. Buddy the Elf from the North Pole (who was actually their Mom) used the Halloween Candy to make her little witch’s spelling homework a sweeter experience. See for yourself.

Use your candy eyes to see the word “brown”. Build it. Write it. Eat some as you work. Also, worth noting, clipboards turn paper into a treasure. Now…see if you can read the rest. Answers at the bottom.

Are you a good candy reader? I sure am!

grab, crab, trip, trap

Sweet Spelling Everyone!


Luigi & Mario, Buddy the Elf, Hermione, and  The Sweet-Toothed Witch

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  1. […] Higher Level questions and open ended projects are amazing ways to see your child’s personality and gifts shine. Here’s an example of what can happen when we let children lead the way!   Knowing Ava has a gift in visual-spatial learning helps me help her with other areas like spelling. Ava has enjoyed building her words on several occasions.  […]

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