Play-dough Goals

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My husband was playing with playdough with my then 3 year old before one of her first soccer games. I was likely chasing the 2 year old with the 1 year old on my hip. I came back through and he was giving her “Soccer 101” through playdough. Love it.

By the way, 3 year old, 5 on 5 soccer is not the best. We call it Amoeba Ball. Too many kids running in a pack or doing cartwheels or pointing to airplanes or birds with 400 adults yelling which way to go and what to do, except there’s always one kid who has 5 older soccer star siblings who dominates the entire game and scores 15 goals. Check his birth certificate.

FYI: The 2nd kid boycotted soccer by game 2 in the same program. For the 3rd kid, and a move to a city with a major soccer following, we found an amazing “early childhood” soccer program that mixed a preschool teacher with soccer coaches. The kids rotated through really fun stations and learned some soccer skills. Think bowling with a soccer ball, using a ginormous bigger than a beach ball soccer ball for small scrimmages, red light/green light, obstacle courses, small groups per coach, and a constant wave of giggles. THAT’s the way to do early soccer. For kindergarten soccer it is 3 on 3.

For the older daughter, the play dough lessons above have paid off so far.  She has stuck with soccer through 3rd grade now. The league did 4 on 4 for 2nd grade, which gives each girl a lot of ball touch time and  moved to 5 on 5 in 3rd grade.

Our 2nd kid has a firm stance against team sports.

Makes you think…what other life skills or experiences can Play Dough help you teach? Can it teach doing laundry–Shelisa


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