Pause Laws

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1. Before you do almost anything…ask yourself “Is this a teachable moment for my children?”

Before we threw our blown up computer away, John opened it up and showed the kids.

2.  Anytime you ask your baby/toddler/child a question…pause….give them TIME to think and speak. Bite your tongue. Don’t jump in, especially for those little guys who are taking baby steps into language.

3.  “Mooooooom, Maya’s not sharing the….”  My response to scenarios like this include a nice pause, then “Sounds like you have a problem…what are you going to do about it?” (Thank you Love & Logic for that verbal magic) I had an education professor say once, “The students should go home tired, not you.” I love that. So often we solve problems quickly and take away a teachable moment from our children. Pause. Let them think. Let them try and let them fail. Be there to guide them, but not do it for them.

To Be Continued…..

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