Flour Power

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My time in early childhood classes (and the fact that messes find me) made me a huge fan of sensory experiences for my kids. Take a skill from a worksheet, remove pencil and paper, add flour (or sugar or pudding or whipped cream), and wah-lah….more fun and extra credit when it’s edible.

Here the kids are 3, 2, and, 1. First rule, is always let them play a few minutes before you get to “work”. Ease in a “job”, depending on what each child needs to work on….writing numbers, letters, shapes, words, their name, self-portraits, etc. Sometimes, during these early years, flour put dinner on our table. Flour allowed me to check email. Flour let me uncrunch my floor. Flour put makeup on my face. Flour put some laundry away. Flour saved my life;)

Here, years later, my dig in the dirt middle, puddle jumping daughter needed to practice spelling words. This is clearly not her favorite subject.  Poof….add flour, and she’s writing her words without flopping around and crying! 😉 She was having so much fun her older sister (7) and little brother (5) asked for flour homework too. My oldest wanted to practice her addition math facts. Dawson decided to write words off of Ava’s list. To wrap up, I played each of them in a few games of tic-tack-toe because I was feeling left out and dinner was now in control.


Tuck this idea away for kids of all ages for all kinds of subjects/practice. Be prepared for a mess, but also for a calm before the storm.

WARNING: Supervise your flouring and store away flour and anything messy from your kids’ reach or this could happen

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