A Numbers Party!

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Dawson wanted a Numbers Party for his 4th birthday. His numbers obsession started a few months prior with the Chicka Chicka 123 book. He’d take these magnetic numbers and use them as action figures. We made the Chicka tree together as part of his Numbers Theme. He loved to act out the book and move the numbers around on the tree. He also loved the Leapfrog Math Factory and Leapster game called Numbers on the Run. So, for about 2 weeks we focused on numbers. I brought out any counting or numbers related board game or classroom game I had. Games like Uno, Hi-Ho Cheerio, Skip-Bo, and Chutes & Ladders. We’d roll dice while I was cooking and talk about which number was highest, lowest, even, odd or he’d roll a handful of dice and line them up in order from least to most. Ava was in half day K and she’d teach us math games she was doing at school. We wrote numbers. We played with calculators. We used rulers. We used stopwatches. It was Math Central at our house. 

“Guess My Number” is a good game for the car or waiting room. I’d think of a number, child would guess and I say higher or lower until they guess it. Easy peasy. Passes time. They loved thinking of the number and having me guess too.

We’d also played extra with our Monkey Math!

On his “party” day (it was just the 5 of us this time), I sat out a marble estimation game with a trick. Which one has more? They are the SAME! They got a kick out of that one and had to put them in the same glass to believe me. Special note: The champagne glass was from our wedding. I needed to say that.

We added a few new Math books to our home library.

A “4” cake, of course…

and Connect Four!

We borrowed a number line CD from the Kindergarten teacher, added a “magic finger” and pointed away through the music for nearly an hour. They loved it!

Counting to 100 is more fun with food, candy, dry erase markers, pointers, or a hot wheel car.

And, Number Shirts of course;)

Here’s to your Math celebrations!

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