3, 2, 1 Blast-Off…A Rocket Party

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My son had been obsessed with rockets for the past 6 months or so, thanks to Little Einsteins. We had just moved, were staying with family, and so we kept it really simple which is also the beauty of it;) Yes, of course you can laugh at the wonkiness of the cake. I have a firm belief that “we” all need to share our wonkiness more with each other. Wonky is the new cool.

Dawson3rdBdayParty 021 (2)

We zeroed in on rockets for about 2 weeks with books, the astronaut outfit and a whole bunch of pretend play, youtube clips of rockets, drawing rockets, comparing them to airplanes, enjoying a box of rocket pops, looking at books/pictures of stars/planets/sun/astronauts, continuing our love for Little Einstein, playing Rocket Man song–Thank you Sir Elton.

For his “party” he had 1 set of grandparents and 2 cousins come over for rocket cake and astronaut ice cream, playing on the inflatable rocket and rocket launching. Does anyone actually like astronaut ice cream?

Houston, we have a problem. Half of the fun of parenting is relieving your own childhood, right? John was pumped to get this rocket because he thought it was like one he used to have. It was not. It was terrible. Someone remind me to try a better one sometime.

The birthday boy had a blast, and that’s all that matters. ¬†Power to the wonky, Shelisa

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