I Spy

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Prior to my daughter’s “I Spy” birthday party we played and played SPIES! Often the kids would awake to a mystery to solve…a missing toy, a broken crayon with a clue, missing letters to our magnetic alphabet. They would run around the house with magnifying glasses in hand making up their own mysteries to solve. We read a bazillion I SPY books, watched a few Scooby Doos, and read some Cam Jansen and Magic Tree House books. We talked about the 5 Senses and how detectives must use them to solve mysteries. They interviewed my dad, a retired Highway Patrolmen. We I Spied out for several weeks…then we partied.

Maya’s Favorites

I used this home made I Spy picture as the invitation. Inside was an I Spy List in 4s….Find 4 soccer balls, Find 4 M’s, Find 4 instruments…etc. The young spies were invited to help solve the  Mystery of the Missing Presents!

When our 5 neighbor friends arrived they received an envelope with a personalized photo badge, binoculars, magnifying glass, clue book, disguise and pen.

The clue book sent them to a few “centers”….finding fingerprints in the playroom, listening to mystery boxes, and making an I Spy Picture. With only 8 children total, we worked as a team, with parents helping as needed.  When they finished a center, I put up a big clue to solve the big mystery of the missing presents!

Do you know where the mystery presents were?

In the dryer! Guilty Party? Little brother!!

We celebrated with cake!

They also each made their own I Spy page to take home.

Here’s to the super spies in your family! –Shelisa

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