The End

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My 4 year old son had read the word “End” on the microwave when I was cooking his oatmeal one morning.

ALERT-ALERT, TEACHABLE MOMENT! 😉 I whipped out one of our whiteboards and jumped on it in between bites of oatmeal.

ME: “Dawson, can you write the word “end”? Awesome buddy. If you can write “end” you can write “bend”.

Him: Oatmeal bite. Thinking. Writing. Smiling.

HIM: “I know one, Mommy! “Send!”

ME: (Insert me doing a silly, Mommy 6:30am happy dance while waiting for my cuppa tea to brew)

ME: “Mommy’s turn. How about “mend”?

HIM: Oatmeal bite. Pondering. Sip of milk. Twisting lips to one side to think. “Mommy, what’s a mend?”

ME: I grabbed a piece of paper, ripped it in half and as I taped it I said “Dawson, I will mend this paper by using tape.”. He smiled and wrote “mend”.

A few minutes pass as his sisters come in for breakfast.

HIM: “I can’t think of anymore Mommy”.

ME: (I can see the fun is over.) “Let’s END on one of the best words ever….”Friend!” Did you know that friend ends in end?”

HIM: He thought that over a bit, and sounded it out, making sure his also ended in end.

HIM: “You’re my friend Mommy.”

ME: Smothering him with hugs and kisses

HIM: “Hey girls, I will read my list to you”

ME: Doing the Mommy happy dance, but this time the caffeine from my tea has kicked in;)


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