The little girl who loves DINOSAURS!

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Ava’s birthday fell right in the middle of our move because she’s the middle kid and apparently there’s a curse that goes along with that. BUT her theme couldn’t have been easier thanks to a traveling dinosaur exhibit in town and a TRex cafe nearby. The weeks leading up to her birthday we wrote/told dinosaur stories, drew dino pics, and listened to “We are the Dinosaurs” by Laurie Berkner 900 times. A trip to our new library gave us plenty of dinosaur books and a few DVDS. Land Before Time, anyone? Then on her actual birthday we visited the museum, then dinner at the T Rex Cafe.

Dinosaur tats and Build-a-Dino at the museum. Meet Rosie the T-Rex. For this celebration, it was just the 5 of us, and it was really, really fun. Zero stress.

Dinos buried in the sand table…

and digging at the TRex Cafe brought up great talks of archeology.

Ava designed her shirt on ETSY. Not a lot of girly dino shirts around town.

She also helped dinofy her cake.  The 5 minute cake courtesy of your local grocery store. Buy cake. Stick cool stuff on it. I cut corners on the original cake plan because something had to give. Unfortunately, two weeks into a move isn’t the time to construct volcano cakes with erupting syrup.  I had to let that birthday balloon go.

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