Yellow Party

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Let me set a small stage. We had been at a corporate apartment for about a month after moving 12 hours away from our family. The kids were 3 months, 18 months, and the birthday girl turning 3. It was crazy. We were still trying to make sense of all the stuff we brought to our temporary living. We were very tired. Let  me reemphasize the words CRAZY and TIRED! 

When I asked her what kind of party she wanted, it was an emphatic “Yellow!”, her year long favorite color. A yellow party? How fun is that!?  I let out some moving stress and post baby blues by becoming obsessed with making this a fantastic, intimate, yellow birthday party and trying to let go of guilt we couldn’t have a big party. It was February and very snowy. Yellow was the perfect remedy. I had been trapped in this apartment with my 3 amigos and we, by golly, were gonna celebrate yellow! So we did.

We yellowed the apartment over a few weeks and focused on colors/numbers and all things yellow (sorting yellow, spelling yellow, yellow hunting). We (3 and 18 mth old) fingerpainted yellow pictures daily to add to the walls.  I covered the framed art on the walls with yellow paper.

Calling it a sculpture makes it sound more special

For the actual party, Maya wore a new yellow shirt. We made yellow sculptures. We ate macaroni and cheese, corn and drank yellow lemonade. We made up games with yellow balloons. Maya really, really wanted a sunshine cake. We got creative, don’t laugh, ok laugh. I can’t eat lasagna noodles yet without thinking of them as rays of sunshine in a wild time in our life.

The icing on the sun cake was that a set of grandparents could fly in! We made this the big surprise and didn’t tell Maya. It was priceless. They even wore yellow! I’m pretty sure she shot yellow beams of happiness out of her eyeballs…or was that me? So, thank you yellow, for helping me out of my birthday box.

And, thank you yellow, for brightening up a very stressful, yet joyous, time in our lives! –Shelisa


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