Birthday Philosophy

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I have an addiction. Themes. I love teaching around themes. We kind of naturally fall into themes around here, as you will see. So, it’s natural, around birthday time for the kids to pick a theme that’s not always available to buy at Party City, hence a lot of brainstorming and creativity ensues. The 1st and 2nd birthdays for my kids we invited a lot of family and friends…..and stress. We have organically gravitated into a new breed of celebration. The birthday child picks a theme about a month or so out to which we all obsess over with a variety of activities that lead up to a big culminating activity for his/her birthday….involving cake, balloons, gifts, and a few family & friends…but not everyone, and sometimes it’s just the 5 of us and it’s fantastic! The child feels super celebrated and we have plenty of gigantic family parties during the year. I’m sure as they get older there will be some class skating parties in our future, but for now, we’re loving it. Check out each birthday post for more details.

Flower Party

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