Easter Bunny Cake–Updated for 2016!

When I was a little unicorn loving tomboy (yes, its a possible mix), I loved this Easter Bunny Cake my mom made every … [Continue Reading]

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March Madness Junior Bracket and Basketball Activities for Kids

We love March Madness. It's a holiday in our house.  Click Here to Print a Free March Madness Jr Bracket! We … [Continue Reading]


March Madness for the Classroom and Home

  March Madness is a holiday at our house. We also seem to find numerous teachable moments centered around our … [Continue Reading]


Revenge Plan

Having children is not easy. You hear that a lot before you have them, you just don't fully comprehend it until you … [Continue Reading]

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Teaching Kids Gratitude

This month at Playdough to Plato, I talk about one of my favorite life lessons for kids...practicing gratitude. Learning … [Continue Reading]


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IMG_0405 (2)

Easter Bunny Cake–Updated for 2016!

When I was a little unicorn loving tomboy (yes, its a possible mix), I loved this Easter Bunny Cake my mom made every year. I even liked the coconut she … [Read More...]

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Tunnels and Snacks: AKA Soccer Season

This is it. My big idea. Here's the rules. 1. Open to ages 3-6ish. 2. No practice during the week. 3. Games will last 15 minutes. 3 games max allowed in a season. 4. Co-ed teams and siblings … [Read More...]


When I Grow Up

Funny how when you're a kid, you just can't wait to grow up, get taller, get to the next grade, the next year, need the bigger version, the next size. The birthday candle smoke still lingering and someone says … [Read More...]


Once Upon a Fazoli—My Messy Beautiful

Once upon a time, there was a young woman who had dreamed of motherhood since she was a 12 year old-constantly-booked-$2 hr-babysitter. She nannied 3 boys all through college, one with special needs, as she … [Read More...]


Good Night Wand

With our first, our bedtime routine was rock solid. She was an awful sleeper and sensory sensitive, so we had to be on our A game with that kid until about 3 years old. She LOVED telling things Good Night … [Read More...]


The Frozen Giving Tree

8am: I don't know yet if we'll lose the kids' first nearly daily climbing tree, but its stirred up some serious frosty emotion around here. Even bacon couldn't cheer them up at breakfast, although it certainly … [Read More...]


Our Mother’s Day Tradition

My first Mother's Day in 2004, our baby daughter was 3 months old and still crying all the time. We were a wreck. It was hard to get out. My husband planned a simple, sweet (quick) outing that became our … [Read More...]


The 10 Frame Bakery: Kindergarten Math Activity Aligned with The Common Core

Introducing my first of many "Brain Bags" aligned with Kindergarten Common Core! What's Common Core? It's a unified roadmap of goals and expectations per grade level through high school. 45 states have adopted … [Read More...]